Privacy Policy

At runningsofa, we take your privacy seriously and do not wish to compromise it. At this time, our website and applications are designed to provide information and tools to enable you to enjoy running and keep you informed of our progress too. We have no intention to secretly collect data on you, so this policy explains when and how data may be collected from you as you use some of the services within our website or applications.

Website Cookies

Our website uses its own cookies solely to support your navigation of the site and these do not attempt to collect any personal data from you. We use software plug-ins for other services and these may collect data as described below.

Disqus Comments

We use a service from Disqus, Inc. whenever we give you the opportunity to comment on articles on our website. Disqus, Inc. may collect data if you use this facility and so we refer you to their privacy policy (a link is also available in the comments plug-in) for further details.

Garmin Apps

If you have a Garmin watch that supports Connect IQ, you may download an app, widget or data field created by runningsofa. These apps may have access to your Garmin data and connect with other network services to perform their function. When downloading an app from the Garmin Connect IQ Store, you will be advised if our app has requested access to your Garmin profile or data and the store will seek your consent for this before you can install the app.

To allow our apps to access other services (e.g. SportTracks) on your behalf, you may be asked to log into a service or provide your credentials for that service. These credentials may be stored by us on your device and subsequently used to re-authenticate with that service. However, any data provided in this way will not be stored outside your device or otherwise accessible to runningsofa and removing the data from your device will prevent its continued use.

Changes to this policy

As new services and apps are provided by runningsofa, we will update this policy to keep you informed about how we use your data. If you are unhappy about these changes or any data that we hold about you now or in the future, you may contact us (by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and we will ensure that any data we hold about you is permanently deleted.