Are you ready to get off the sofa?

Not a week goes by without a news article about the state of our health and how much of this is down to our lack of exercise. You may have been inspired by the story of someone that turned their life around and now they are some super-thin ultra-marathon runner that you cannot hope to compete with. What those articles often fail to portray is the amount of time and effort put into making that transition. None of this happens overnight. However, there are steps you can take to a more healthy lifestyle, without committing to becoming an ultra-runner, and they start by lifting yourself off that sofa; no more, no less.

People start running for many reasons: You may have entered a race, perhaps with a charity place; you may have been advised by your doctor to take up some exercise; or you may just have seen people running around your local streets, at all times of day and night, and wonder if you should give it a try to see what the fuss is all about. Although many people start running for a specific reason, such as its health benefits, they often continue to run because they find they enjoy it so much. Equally people stop running because they hate it! Often though, they hate it because of unrealistic expectations of themselves. In that case, maybe it would be better to walk before you can run.

  • Walk before you can run

    Jumping in at the deep-end is not for everyone, so before you start running, consider walking.

  • First steps to running

    Couch To 5K is possibly the most well known beginners running programme available. In 9 weeks, those of us who've done little more since school than try [often unsuccessfully] to run for a train, can be running for 5km or 30 minutes, three times a week.

  • Keeping off the sofa

    Completing the couch to 5k programme is a major achievement for any new runner, but what should you do next?