Not everyone agrees on the difference between these two words, but I need to decide: do I run more of the same or try greater distances? When I started running 18 months ago, a race containing the word marathon seemed like an impossible target. However, this month I completed my first half marathon in 1:43:10 and it felt like there was more in the tank. But does that just mean I should have run faster? When I claimed my time on runbritain rankings it took great pleasure in telling me that my time had resulted in a 0.000% change to my handicap score! To win the race you have to be the fastest, so it's not too surprising that runbritain would favour speed over distance. But should I?

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Not known for sport at school, I took up running in my mid-forties. Very soon I caught the running bug and progressed from the Couch to 5K programme, via parkrun, various 10k races and the Great North Run to running marathons and beyond in the UK and overseas. Now in my fifties, I still run fast enough to impress my friends and family, but not fast enough to think I've missed a vocation as an Olympian!

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