Most serious runners will track their runs somehow, even if only using pen and paper. In this era of the smartphone, a GPS tracking phone app would seem an obvious choice to the new runner, so I tried some apps from the Play Store.

Unfortunately, my budget phone's ability to run more than one app at a time and/or keep a steady GPS signal was pretty poor. As a result, I tried a couple of apps before settling for Endomondo, which managed to stay alive for the entire run.

I've since discovered that Endomondo doesn't have the best story when it comes to synchronising with other apps. It's way better than those that don't offer the option at all, but the range of auto synchronisation options available are quite limited. However, this has not been a major issue for me, as Endomondo does sync with both Fitbit and MyFitnessPal. But watch out...

I made the silly mistake of linking Endomondo to both services when I already had Fitbit and MyFitnessPal linked. As opposed to the infamous Bermuda Triangle, where things mysteriously disappear, I created some kind of vortex, where my workout and step counts circled around, multiplying as they went.

I'm glad to say I realised my mistake quite early on, but it still took most of the evening to delete all the duplicated data. I'd only been using the Fitbit for a few weeks, so there weren't too many days to fix; if I'd been using it for months I may have resorted to deleting my accounts and starting again.

As with many things, it's always best to search the Internet to check you're doing the right thing. There is a page of advice from MyFitnessPal that warns about ghost exercises if you connect them all together.

Ten months down the line and I'm now faced with a new issue. I've just ordered a Garmin GPS watch, which uses Garmin Connect to store its data. Garmin Connect now integrates with MFP, but not with Endomondo (except by exporting a gpx file). I'm currently planning on using a little screen-scraping sync app called SyncMyTracks to transfer data between the two - I just hope the developer doesn't get bored of maintaining it every time Endomondo update their site. I'll let you know how this goes.

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