When I started running it was heading into autumn, and I told myself that if I could survive the winter months I'd be in this for the long term. I was clearly ignoring an inbuilt aversion to hot weather. Four weeks into the C25K plan, I was off on holiday in the sun for two weeks and my runs were suddenly in 27°C instead of 7°C. This should have served as a warning for what was to come in the summer back home, as I panted my way down the beach (oh, such hardship!).

It wasn't actually that cold in the UK winter of 2013, but there were a few near-zero nights where I came back with icicles on my hat - I'm not sure if this was frozen condensation or sweat!  All in all, I really quite enjoyed my runs over the winter and only took a break for... a skiing holiday (hmm, you're either thinking this guy has too many holidays or that he really does prefer the cold). There is the question of clothing when it's cold and mixed feelings of "men in tights", but I've decided I prefer warm knees over following rules of fashion.

At parkrun the organisers notice the number of runners goes down over the summer months. I assumed this was due to holidays and other race commitments, but perhaps it's just that there are lots of others, like me, that prefer it a bit cooler. 

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Not known for sport at school, I took up running in my mid-forties. Very soon I caught the running bug and progressed from the Couch to 5K programme, via parkrun, various 10k races and the Great North Run to running marathons and beyond in the UK and overseas. Now in my fifties, I still run fast enough to impress my friends and family, but not fast enough to think I've missed a vocation as an Olympian!

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